A Veteran Finds Hope

October 5, 2010

Thank you to this dear friend who not only shares his story and his private pain – but for the sacrafice he’s paid. The external conflict he so bravely fought in is long over – yet he’s lived in the private battle so many of our national heroes face. For them the battle continues long after we’ve gone on with our lives. Over 20 years later, he’s found hope.


Over 20 years ago I served in the United States Navy. It was my dream job. I was a young kid proud to serve our great country. In my first year of service I was involved in live combat situations. I lived through the horrors of battle often reflected in movies, I’ll spare you the details but tell you that it changed my life.  I was quietly discharged when I started making some potentially destructive decisions in my personal life.

I’ve gone on with my life since. To the outside world I’m a successful business man, father, husband. On the inside I battle fear, anxiety, anger. I’m jumpy and oversensitive in certain situations. I don’t sleep regularly. I’ve lived my life over the last twenty years with flashbacks of the combat I served in. Over twenty years later I was finally diagnosed with PTSD.  I don’t let the label stop me, but it gives confirmation to what I’ve known since the day that changed my life. It gives me permission to be who I am and not looked down upon. I’m a VET. A combat VET. I’m proud of that even admist the struggles I live with.

I started Reliv just over 30 days ago as a way to help with some nutritional issues I’m having in other areas of my life. I’ve always eaten the Standard American Diet and have been looking for a while for some additional nutritional support. Old habits die hard, I like my food. During this time I’ve noticed over all changes in my well-being. My spirit within me is less anxious. I feel more patience throughout the day.  I have a positive outlook at the future and the memories of the past are dimming.  I am starting to sleep better. I’m very interested to see how things continue to change and improve for me overall.


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